Caitlin Sweet Interview and Telling of Stars Review

Since publishing her debut novel A Telling of Stars (2003) with Penguin, Canadian Caitlin Sweet has joined the burgeoning ranks of young, innovative fantasy genre writers. She has since released a prequel to A TellingThe Silences of Home (2005). Both novels have received high praise for their lyrical prose and emotional potency, and have been likened to the work of her Canadian counterpart, Guy Gavriel Kay.

caitlin sweet

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Matthew Hughes Interview – The Archonate Gist

This week we have author whose work I was recently introduced to, and the reading has been such a compelling and enjoyable experience it has had me as of late searching feverishly for other examples of the author’s work. Mind, you, it is not a requirement to read the former novels Fools Errant and Fool Me Twice to fully appreciate the author, and our guest, Matthew Hughes’ latest offering, a psychological SF/Crime effort set in his trademark Archonate setting, Black Brillion, however a work of such competence, full of witty, sardonic repartee, reminiscent of Vance, almost demands one to take the time to search out more examples of Hughes’ work.

matthew hughes

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