Positing a New Author-Reviewer Relationship – Sam Sykes Guest Blog

I’ve occasionally suggested to those who know me best, and subsequently to those who know me to be a terrible human being with few redeeming factors past my ability to imitate Hugo Weaving, that the only part about being an author I truly regret is the fact that I can’t enjoy internet meltdowns like I once could.

Coffee and Conversation with Hegel and Manfried Grossbart – Jesse Bullington Guest Blog

Jesse Bullington – Good morning, and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Hegel: [Mutters something incomprehensible to Manfried] Manfried: [Mutters back. This goes on for some time, until:] Uh huh. Mornin. Hegel: Sure. Good mornin. What’s this? BSC, upon whose behalf I’m conducting this interview, was hoping to gain some insight into the novel […]

An Open Letter to Those Terrified of E-Piracy – Gary Gibson Guest Blog

There are many pro writers out there worried by piracy, who see the internet as the greatest illegal intellectual land-grab of all time. Here’s the deal:  if you’re worried enough to want to stop it, you’re not only going to have to stop people’s internet connections, you’re also going to have to ban photocopiers, computer […]

Why I Write Science Fiction: An Apology – Alan DeNiro Guest Blog

I read a lot of pulp when I was a kid. Most of it was crap. I also wrote a lot of adventure stories and half-baked space operas, most of which were crap too. Around sixteen, I started writing poetry more seriously, and continued honing my poetry through high school, college, and an MFA. Sure, […]