Brent Weeks Interview + The Way of Shadows Review

brent weeks

Our guest this week is Brent Weeks, author of The Night Angel Trilogy, recently published by Orbit Books.  Unless something changes in the next few weeks before the end of the year, The Way of Shadows will be my favorite book of the year. Not since Wes Unseld (NBA Players for the Bullets), in 1969, have I seen a rookie that has put together such a strong first showing.  Brent was a great fellow and even as I pull off an embarrassing interviewer faux pas and asked him pretty much the same question twice, and he answers them both, what a guy.  Now without further delay, let us all welcome Brent Weeks.

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The 7-part Interview Series with R.A. Salvatore continues


When you think of the most popular character from the Wizards of the Coast stable, I do not think there is much debate. Drizzt Do’Urden leads the pack. Today we have R.A. Salvatore answering some questions we had for him regarding Drizzt, some underlying moral lessons, how it was writing with his son Geno, as well as a few others. I want to give special thanks to Philip McCall II for helping with the questions.  Also, be sure to check back in Wednesday for my review of The Ghost King.

You can also check out our first interview with R.A. Salvatore.

Without further interruption let us get into the questions.

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Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman of Dragonlance – Interview

Boomtron is proud to introduce the Bestselling author tandem of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  They were kind enough to answer some questions after just releasing their new book Bones of the Dragon (Dragonships of Vindras).

We are talking about the creators of Dragonlance!


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Jhegaala by Steven Brust Review

Steven Brust brings us another tale of our hero Vlad Talos as he goes to the East to learn about his family in the town of Burz. Being the outgoing chap that he is, Vlad starts asking about the family Merss (his mother’s side of the family) in this industrial town that makes paper, and then all hell breaks loose in this three-sided conflict.

Steven Brust

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Live Chat – Paul S. Kemp of the Forgotten Realms

On November 10th (2007) best selling author Paul S. Kemp joined us live for a chat in our chat room. Kemp has written several books perhaps most notable those featuring the adventures of his creation, Erevis Cale, in the Forgotten Realms setting. He also wrote an installment of the R.A. Salvatore presented War of the Spider Queen series, Resurrection, bringing it to a conclusion.

paul s kemp

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Irene Gallo interview – The Art Director

I was finally able to get in touch with Irene, as she has a very busy schedule. This interview was all prompted from meeting Irene at last year’s New York Comic Con where I think I interrupted her lunch. Being the courteous person that I am, I figured I would let her finish lunch and track her down a bit later. That bit later took some stalking on my part and some annoying emails. I think Irene ended up finishing this interview just so I would not bother her anymore. All joking aside though I am very happy to introduce Irene Gallo, the Art director for Tor, Forge, and Starscape Books. I also want to thank Nicole Cardiff, one of my favorite young fantasy artists, who helped me with the questions for this interview.

Irene Gallo

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Getting Jig with GoblinQuest – Jim C. Hines Interview

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Hines author of Goblinquest. I want to make a comment here, just because an author has a smaller publishing firm you can find some real gems that way. Jim was a pleasure to interview and we both learned a little something I like to think. Without further interruptions let us get started.

jim c hines


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