Fantasy: Violation of the Possible? – Betsy Tobin Guest Blog

Is it possible to break the rules of fantasy writing by adhering to them too strictly?  When Borders UK first shelved my novel Ice Land in the Fantasy/Sci Fi section, I was gobsmacked (to use a quaint English term).  My first two novels had historical settings that placed them firmly on the fiction shelves.  I had approached the writing (and setting) of Ice Land in much the same way, with a few tiny exceptions.  What had happened?  And how would my readers find me?

Betsy Tobin

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Betsy Tobin was born in the U.S. and moved to England in 1989, where she now lives with her husband and children. Her first novel, Bone House, was short-listed for the Commonwealth Prize, and won the Herodotus Prize in the United States. Her other novels include The Bounce, Ice Land, and Crimson China. Crimson China was Radio 4 Book At Bedtime in the UK, and was short-listed for Epic Romantic Novel of the Year.